Going on vacation can be incredibly stressful when you realize you’ve forgotten to do something important along the way. And this is quite a common realization, believe it or not. We often leave our vacation packing to the very last minute (because who doesn’t love procrastinating?) and by doing so we end up forgetting things, being so pressed for time. So, here’s a checklist to keep handy whenever you have a vacation coming up-simply run through the list and see if you’ve got everything under control when the time comes!

Notify Your Bank

The back of your card will have a number you can call to reach your bank. Notify them of your travel dates and also ask them if they happen to be partnered with any foreign banks so you’ll know if you’re eligible for free cash withdrawals.


If you don’t opt for automatic payments, you’ll want to cover any outstanding payments so you don’t come back to an unseemly pile of late fees for you to pay.

Travel Insurance

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your insurance is valid and will provide coverage for your vacation.


If you plan on spending a long vacation out in the tropics or with family abroad, there is always long term car parking available by airport parking companies where your vehicle will be looked after for even months at a time! Simply ask for a quota and then seal the deal for your space!

Driver’s License

Do you plan on renting a car while abroad and travelling across the terrains? You’d better check if your driving license is valid in the country that you’re visiting as different states tend to have different rules and regulations.

Automatic E-Mail Response

This one goes out to all the working travellers. You’ll need to create an ‘out of office’ e-mail response so anyone who tries to reach you regarding work will be kept well informed rather than waiting around for a reply. Also make sure to take care of your appointments. It may sound like an obvious step but you’d be surprised at how many times a careless mistake has been made.

Important Documents

If you’re stuck in a foreign country and you happen to lose all your important documents (for example, if your bag was stolen or you misplaced your file) then you’re going to find yourself in quite the pickle. Make sure to have copies of ALL your documents, either digitally stored on your phone or stashed away at the bottom of your suitcase. Make sure not to keep them altogether of course. That would defeat the purpose.

Electronics and Appliances

Make sure every appliance and all electronics are switched off in your household before you leave. You’ll be saving money and energy and besides, you don’t want any mishap occurring while you’re away. On the subject of electronics, don’t forget to take your chargers along as well and keep your mobile fully charged on the way to your destination.

Go through this list before you head out on vacation and you’re guaranteed to have everything sorted out!

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