A garden wedding is perfect if you want to have a small function that’s intimate and affordable with a few close guests. An outdoor wedding can be held in your own garden, a park or garden in the locality or even at your neighbour’s garden. What is important is that it is an area that is special to you and you care about apart from it being sufficient to have all the guests, convenient for everyone to come to and other details such as shelter, food and entertainment options. Here, we will look at some key points that you can consider when organizing a garden wedding.

Selecting the Venue

The type of garden you select is entirely a personal preference. Some considerations you need to look at are if you want an area that is intimate and has a special place in your heart or if it is convenient and close by to you. Moreover, it could be that you need a large garden in a public space that can have basic amenities such as a restaurant and entertainment which can be set up easily. When it is a public space, you have to consider the rules in setting up marquees and you can also purchase from tents Brisbane for a formal occasion gathering. There are various types of garden such as a lavender farm garden or medieval gardens, even botanical gardens that are lovely for this type of special occasion, however keep in mind the costs involved when planning your wedding.

Consider the Amenities

As you will be inviting guests, it is crucial to have amenities such as bathroom facilities in the vicinity of the garden. In addition, any form of shelter is important regardless of how sunny and warm the day is supposed to be like on the day of the wedding. Weather is unpredictable and it is wise to always have a Plan B. There are also things like mud and gravel that you will have to consider and make other alternatives such as temporary paving or carpeting in order to avoid any dresses and shoes getting spoiled.

Time and Theme

The date and time of the wedding especially a garden wedding is ideal during the daylight hours mainly so that guests can enjoy the weather and the setting. Summers are great during the evenings when the sun is a little less harsh and the temperature is just about right. Going through the weather forecast is always a good idea when picking the date and time for your outdoor wedding. The décor is a core factor in a wedding however, keeping it simple and minimal letting the garden be beautiful on its own is always the best route to go when it comes to outdoor wedding décor.


A garden wedding is always best when it is intimate and cosy with a few close friends, family and people you really care about and want to witness your special day. Something to consider if someone can’t make it is not to substitute in this case, but to let the guest list be small and intimate.

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