The elf on the shelf is a much loved holiday tradition in many households and this elf is well known for their nightly adventures. The creative antics they get up to have delighted so many children and adults. And in this article, we will give you some ideas on how to create some fun scenes to make the holiday magical.

You can purchase a 3D print elf online along with elf props and accessories to get started. You can create a scene with these elves in the kitchen. You can have them baking cookies in the kitchen complete with cookie cutters and the ingredients for the recipe such as flour and sugar. And the elf can wear a tiny chef’s hat. You can have one elf baking cooking or decorating them and another mischievous elf trying to reach a cookie from under the counter. There are miniature baking tools that you can buy online to make the scene more real. You can also leave a note to the children from the eves encouraging them to bake some treats. Maybe there can be a recipe included as well. You can have one elf for the scene or have several creating a busy scene. You can have a scene created in the dining area or the breakfast counter as well. The elf can be placed at the head of the table and they will be surrounded with holiday themed dishes creating a delightful fast. You can also add a sprinkle of glitter or dust some powdered sugar.

The winter wonderland theme is a favourite of many

And you can recreate this in your living room with the help of an elf. You can add miniature sleighs, faux snow, reindeer figures, blankets etc. to create this. You can have a scene where the elf is enjoying a snowy day skiing or sledding. Snow can also be created using marshmallows or cotton balls. You can even have a runaway reindeer with an elf hanging onto the sleigh for dear life. These scenes can be incredibly funny and you can even have your own family snow day taking inspiration from the elves. There can also be elves enjoying hot chocolate watching the snow fall.

Another idea is to create a magical movie experience with the elf.

The elf can be set up in a mini movie theatre with pillows, blankets and popcorn. They will wear tiny 3D glasses and have a remote control in hand pointing it at the TV. This can inspire you to have your own movie night. You can choose to watch a holiday classic and include the elf as well. Santa’s workshop is another beloved theme and you can have elves at work in the workshop by setting up the scene with tools, gift boxes, wrapping paper etc. To make it easier for the children to count down the days till Christmas, you can have a countdown screen that features an elf. A mini advent calendar can be created or a countdown clock and the elf can hold a chalkboard or a sign with a number.

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