It can be difficult to maintain independence and mobility when you age. Many seniors tend to have reduced mobility due to chronic conditions, injuries or just as a consequence of age which can become a challenge when it comes to carrying t daily activities. Physiotherapy is incredibly beneficial in improving their mobility so that they are able to lead active lives.

You can visit to learn more about physiotherapy services for seniors. First, there is an assessment carried out so that the physiotherapist can understand the mobility of the individual and come up with a treatment plan for their requirements. The posture, strength and balance of the individual will be evaluated so that areas for weakness can be identified. There are targeted exercises in physiotherapy that can help improve flexibility, strength and mobility. There are specific muscle groups that are targeted by these rehabilitation techniques and exercises. They will also focus on gait training, functional movements required to carry out daily activities and joint mobility. Many seniors tend to have chronic pain and this can affect their mobility. Their quality of life can be significantly affected due to this. Some of the techniques used by physiotherapists in order to alleviate pain are therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, heat and cold therapy etc. They will try to understand the underlying causes of the pain so that the right treatment plan can be created.

Falls can affect the independence of seniors

And physiotherapists can help prevent these falls by identifying the fall risk factors of the individuals. They will assess the gait and balance of the senior to understand which targeted interventions can be put in place to improve their stability. They will also provide education so that the seniors understand what they can do to prevent this from happening. For example, there are environmental modifications that can make their homes much safer such as having grab rails in the bathroom, rough surfaces for better grip etc. The seniors will also be taught exercises to reduce their risk of falls. Some individuals will have significant impairments in their mobility but they can improve their independence by getting used to assistive devices and mobility aids. This can be mobility scooters, canes, walkers etc. The seniors will be guided on how to use these devices so that they can become more independent.

If a senior undergoes a surgical procedure such as a joint replacement,

They will need to be rehabilitated in order to improve their function and mobility. Physiotherapists will work closely with them in order to manage pain and restore their range of motion. They will tailor the rehabilitation programme to strengthen muscles and achieve optimal outcomes so that the seniors can return to their daily activities. It is common for many seniors to have chronic health conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. These conditions can bring about mobility limitations but with physiotherapy, joint function can be improved so that the overall physical performance of the individual can be enriched.

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