Are you the sort of person that goes all nuts when you see a sale? And without any idea of what or how, you end up buying a whole lot of stuff which is actually not necessary? If so, when you see a furniture sale, you may go all out and forget what the weather is like time to come and what sort of an outdoor space you have, before you buy stuff. Don’t be that person; remember to avoid these mistakes when you buy from any sale.

Did You Measure The Space?

Did it occur to you to measure the space you have? The stores wouldn’t know how much an area you have, or how far you want it covered with furniture. Even if physically going to the store or shopping online, it is a must that you have an idea of the area which you will decorate with this brand new stuff; what sort of a set-up you have in mind? A table and chairs for tea? A sofa made of cane material and another plush chair or two to accompany it? What about a bean bag where you can drag in if a sudden rain pours in? Also, you need to have an idea of the colours. It will look ridiculous if you simply have many items of various colours, everywhere. An outdoor space can have bright coloured furniture, but sort which colours you want first.


This is of great importance. What sort of materials are suitable to withstand the heat or moisture in your area? Beware of shop owners who will say anything will stand. They wouldn’t; you must remember to read up and polish your knowledge of furniture materials. You don’t have to be an expert, but, what sort of materials are able to stay longer in one piece is important to know. First, consider the weather in your area. Does the humidity go high in the evenings? How frequently do you experience rain? What sort of sun is in your area? You will see many online sites which say shop all the range here, and you can sort them by the material and price. See what you can buy for a reasonable price. There may also have instances such as pets; even if cushions and foamy stuff looks and feels comfy, take steps to salvage them from your pet if they tend to destroy that sort of things.


It shouldn’t be a headache to clean this furniture. Some stuff cannot withstand water, such as cane, for too long. They tend to break and go loose. Cane looks nice inside as well as outside the house; when it is painted in white or even in other colours it can add a real panache. Wicker also gives an old-school feeling and an oriental sort of look and feel to the place. However, they can be difficult to clean in traditional methods. It is important what you buy comes in easy-to-clean, resin types. Wrought iron or normal metal is the easiest to clean; however it will be a bit difficult to withstand a long time of exposure to moisture due to corrosion and rusting. Strong woods such as teak can last longer but they must also be somewhat covered from moisture when and if possible.

We tend to simply buy stuff to our heart’s content at sales. Sometimes clothes and books like items tend to be hidden unworn and unread for ages. However, it is important that you have an idea of make, type, size and maintenance of it, before you make a purchasing decision.

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