Do you have everything you need to prevent your pickup truck or other comparable vehicle from getting stranded in the snow now that winter is in full swing? Fortunately for you, we have a helpful winter accessories guide that has all the information you need to make sure your car is weatherproof.

Seasonal tyres

Snow and ice are a given throughout the chilly winter months; safeguard your car and make sure you’re ready for them by purchasing some new tyres. Our selection of all-terrain tyres is perfect for the winter because they’ll give your car superior traction on the pavement, eliminating unforeseen skids and mishaps.

When you purchase your wheels and tyres from 4x4AT, they will be fitted and balanced and prepared to attach onto your car.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are an excellent choice for the colder months since you can safeguard your pricey alloy wheels against salt, grit, and small stones that could harm your alloy wheels by switching to a set of durable steel wheels.

The less tear and wear on the tyre itself area fantastic incentive to mount your winter tyres on independent steel wheels. You can lessen the tension associated with installing and removing a tyre every two years by detaching the wheel with the attached tyre.


Visibility just on road is decreased due to the early snow, night fall, rain, and fog that are all typical throughout the winter. Your vision can be much improved by adding some extra lighting to your car. This will make it simpler for both you and other drivers to see what is in front of you on the road. Your vision will be much increased if you equip your car with a fashionable light bar or some drive lamps.

Dust Mats

Mud mats are an excellent technique to stop snow and mud from entering the car and harming the interior. Our selection of tray-style dirt mats effortlessly holds onto mud, snow, debris, and water for simpler cleaning.

Chair Covers

No whatever the weather, your seats will remain clean thanks to seat coverings that keep the fabric clean. To keep your car looking its best at all times, the covers are simply washable and removable.Click here to check out these ford ranger wildtrax accessories.

Wind Shields

In order to provide comfort and safety from the weather while traveling, wind deflectors are used. This allows fresh air to circulate within your car without being weighed down by rain and wind.

Liners for load beds

Protecting the cargo bed of your pickup with load bed liners is a smart idea. In any climate, they are made to safeguard your cargo bed. They shield the load bed from scratches and dents caused by normal wear and tear and make it easier to clean.

The bed mats, offer a surface better suited for dogs while also giving your cargo greater stability and reducing the likelihood that it will slide while you’re driving.

Covers for load beds

Why not hide the cargo bed of your pickup truck to preserve it from the elements? Why not try one of a soft tonneau covers? They will cover the cargo bed while also retaining a sophisticated and streamlined appearance. They are a quick and affordable way to stop the snow and rain from getting in.

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